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Hi there! My name is Alex Popp, and I am a techie living in Mountain View, CA. Originally from Menlo Park, I graduated from Harvard College and returned to Silicon Valley soon after. Born of French immigrants, raised by the national soccer team and daily encounters with croissants and crepes, I was a four-year letterman on the Varsity Water Polo team in college. I’ve worked for various tech startups and Fortune 500 companies in strategy consulting, business development, and product marketing, most notably as an analyst in Symantec’s corporate strategy group. I now work at Quixey, a start-up that has built a functional search engine for mobile apps. As part of the BD team, I work on strategic partnerships, spending my time cross-functionally with the product team customizing our API solution for major distribution partners in the mobile ecosystem.

My real passion lies in reconciling the overall big picture with the minute detail composing its parts. Overall I love to fully understand a product in and out, and using that technical knowledge to come up with a creative way that places that solution in the hands of people and businesses.

On a personal note, I really believe that one needs to find balance in order to succeed as both as a professional and human being. As a professional, you need to be able to work autonomously and be accountable for your own work, but at the same time, be able to function within a team. As a human being, you need to find balance between pursuing your passion, immersing yourself in it, and finding the time to continue to learn, to expand one’s horizons, and to enjoy every single passing moment.

I try to publish on wide variety of subjects that cross my mind–I’ll talk a lot about tech, but I’ll also discuss sports (mostly water ones since I gave up my land legs a long time ago), health and fitness, and anything else that crosses my mind. Point here is for you to be entertained, to be asked to think and reflect, and get something you didn’t have before reading any of the tidbits I have decided to scatter on this website. So please, read my thoughts, reflect, and above all else, comment!

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