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Blog posts moving to harvardcollegetechreview.com: check it out!

Lebron James style (except maybe with less pomp and definitely a lot less skill relative to what I do), I’m taking my talents to the Harvard College Tech Review (check us out at harvardcollegetechreview.com). They’ve been kind enough to accept me as a blogger and, at the same time, indulge me; I also get to run their business development. Basically it’s up to me to grow their footprint at Harvard, partner with other organization to expand our reader base. Super pumped, as this is actually nitty-gritty, dirty work. Senior spring, am I right? (we’ll be hearing that a lot this semester…)

The team is awesome–check out Jason Black, Alex McLeese, Beau Feeny as the guys who put it all together. Super young organization–everyone here is really passionate about what they do. These guys want to write about everything including tech companies’ business strategies, artificial intelligence, web design, the legal ramifications of landmark Supreme Court cases, the impact of social media on lifestyle and business…the possibilites are endless.

If you want to JOIN up, please do! We’re looking for bloggers, web developers, web designers…if you can code, write long winded articles (or short winded, either one works fine, mine will be probably be short and sweet, like Madame Popp’s lemon cake), or if you want to help me grow the blog, email me at apopp [at] fas [dot] harvard [edu].

Sneak peak of what is to come…Alex is going to write a series on the implications of U.S. v. Jones,  as it relates to the future of GPS tracking. Beau is all over Google+ integration into social search and what that means for you…and I’m going to spearhead a lifestyle article this week, explaining how social media can be leveraged to grow brand recognition. From there, I’ll return to my series on location-based services, and the hope to is end up discussing the major trends in the SaaS industry (can we talk about content management?).

Stay tuned!Image

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