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Welcome! This is my first blog post…I guess a quick introduction is in the works, right?

My name is Alex Popp, and I am a rising senior at Harvard University. I’m studying Intellectual History, and pursuing a secondary field in Economics, all the while trying my hand at as many subjects as I can…isn’t that the beauty of college? Studying everything and nothing? Forming lasting friendships, in my opinion, is also up there in things to do in college. Being on the Varsity Water Polo team for four years (now going on playing the sport for a decade), I’ve had my share of those, and those have my made my experiences at school that much more memorable.

I am son of French immigrants who’ve lived in California for over 20 years…Fear not, I still was raised by my mom’s French cuisine and by worshipping the French national soccer team! Growing in Menlo Park (right next to Palo Alto, aka think Stanford University), I was always really interested in what was happening in Silicon Valley. I guess you can say I caught the startup bug when my dad co-founded his own back in the late 90s, but the last three years have really opened my eyes into how exciting and rewarding working for tech companies can be.

In that spirit, I thought that I’d take a shot at blogging…at sharing my thoughts and inner musings…from discussing the “mega trends” to expressing my own opinions…I’ll maybe even talk about French cuisine (Madame Popp may guest star!), water polo, the future (deep right?), the past (nostalgic?), and everything in between. Enjoy, be entertained, and, please, think and reflect!


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